My photos made Bohemia mag!

What an honor to be included in the December issue. You can find my Parisian images on pages 24 & 25, but please check out all the great articles & images! Let me know what you think!

You can also view the beautiful January issue-Outlaws

Paris Changed Everything

A virtual door opened to a real world opportunity and I ran tripping over the threshold. Of course I wanted to go to Paris! I knew it would change me; I hoped it would improve my art. I didn’t know it would change everything.

I didn’t study French. No way would I learn it in a month. I re-studied Art History. I dusted off my art tome, found my notes in it, and read the relevant sections. I had no intention of spending all my time in museums. I knew Paris was saturated with art.
I wanted to see what Modigliani saw. I wanted to sit for a future famous artist on Montmartre. I wanted to haunt Pere Lechaise, and these things I did. I romanticized about sipping leisurely cafe au lait, and those darling bits of sugar they come with, though I don’t take my coffee sweet. Sitting at the cafe’ I could absorb everything in photo, drawing, or verse. In this regard however, Paris had other plans for me.

Instead I walked. I am glad I did. Although Paris and I are blood sisters and I fear my feet will never recover. Paris was gritty, it was a black and purple haze and old instruments in shop windows. It was five Euro store fantastic and discount shopping in the dark. It was Salad Grand on the Passage des Abbesses and pear tart with champagne in a travel mug. I found I suddenly saw the light about Starbucks since theirs was the only coffee available to go. I was only ashamed for a moment. Ok, I’ll try it with that adorable sugar.

I crashed in a flat in Choisey-le-Roi, took the train to Tours and spent two days in Amsterdam. I took 1,000 pictures and vowed to paint them all. Things I had seen before in books began to take on shape, space and weight. I started to think about my art differently, and it effected the way I thought of my life. My choices took on a color and my longings a tone, like a pattern coming into focus. I had never admitted to being an artist, but that changed as I sat sketching The Sorbonne’. When done I promised myself I would stop saying “I can’t draw”. I think I began to make art then.

So I saw the tombs of Chopin and Modigliani. I sat for a portrait by a man who captured me all too well. I met the most amazing locals who showed me what “the heart of Paris” really means. I sat facebook flirting from the Rive Gauche and bought street art in front of The Pompidou. I learned more about myself than I did about art, like a bird escaping a cage. Paris changed everything. Oh how I fell in love! I even adore sugar with my coffee.

Dog Oracle Cards

Remember when i did all the dog illustrations? Well the final project is complete. Here is the first reading by the creator, Kristen. She is a portland author and a real wonder woman! I love that chihuahua pops right up since she was the 1st dog painted 🙂 has become a Gilliam elf!

I am on the edge of my seat for any new movie from my favorite Director, Terry Gilliam, creator of Brazil & 12 Monkeys to name a couple. I often wonder how he manages to capture my dreams in his films. I get pretty excited about a new release.  This time though, Terry has made me his partner! Not. Even. Kidding. and online film distributor Distrify, have joined forces in a unique online experiment to sell Terry Gilliam’s new film THE WHOLLY FAMILY.


From the man himself:

“I just sit in a comfy chair and get to do all my work,” said Gilliam from his home in Highgate North London. ”Of course gone are the days when I could exploit my helpers for a crust of bread and a cup of sour milk. will also earn money from the selling of the film, which is another first. It is the way forward for filmmakers like me. Distrify means that more of the money made from exploiting a film goes to the people who made and financed it. This in turn means that the money can be reinvested and more films will be made, thus creating more jobs. Distrify is a giant leap forward for the film industry.” Terry Gilliam, Filmaker

This is the first time in history you can get the new film direct from Terry himself, via Instead of cash going to the fat cats it goes right back to making more projects and to me, the fan who would gladly promote the film for free! Terry is a maverick who knows that social media can remove the middle man and go direct to people!


Andy Green, Co-Founder of Distrify.
“We’re thrilled has chosen to promote The Wholly Family via Distrify. Blogs and social media are where the real fans are, this is the beginning of a new film economy”


Here is how it works. You will be able to watch the trailer from my page, and even purchase the film for the price of a cup of coffee and watch it for 5 times over 30 days on your computer, iPhone, Android phone, iPad or internet-enabled TV or on all at once, if that’s how you roll!

And without further ado…I can’t wait any more, let’s watch the trailer!



Happy Trails!

The new year is shaping up nicely! Projects small, medium, large & EPIC are in the works. Maybe even a few surprises along the way! I have a couple more dogs to paint then I am honored to move on to a painting of my fathers show car, aka “The Buick” …I can’t wait!

Also on tap this year, an EPIC project that must remain a surprise for now, but will allow me to work in an ink medium that I am ambitious to create with. For now, stop by my new page, Fairytails & Other Nightmares, and let me know what you think. As well, I am hooked on photo editing with gimp, so lots of digital magic will be added.

 Follow along this happy trail, won’t you?!