Broken Foundation

Entry #1~Route 66 series


Study for a painting

 This sad little building got stuck in my head.  The above image I made from memory, which I have been practicing. (Below is my original photo.)

It wasn’t seeing a lot of action, but the altars across the way were still in frequent use.


3 thoughts on “Broken Foundation

    • Thank you Karin! It was lovely in that minimalist way. Every American artist should travel that road at some point, even Expats ;] it is such a romantic notion. This particular image was in New Mexico. I found it enchanting indeed!

  1. Cracks in the Foundation indeed. My Grandparents had to sell out and give up the farm. Whenever my dad saw a deserted, broken down farm, he would get sad and wistful, remarking that folks “broke their backs” and it was all gone to the dogs. I sort of inherited his attitude. When I see this picture, I think of the little congregation that once worshipped here, a community scattered to the winds. The broken wall has metaphorical power. It looks like a mouth crying out.

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