Promoting Artists of All Abilities: The Quickest Flip Project

This is such a great idea! I am proud to be published within.
The fabulous Jamie Walsh of Quickest Flip has made issue #3 available for your viewing pleasure! In this issue Sam Smith & I premier the Sided by Side series (3 clicks after the table of content) where Sam shares his unique interpretation of one of my works (or mine of his). Sam is vision impaired and uses special closed caption equipment to show us his enhanced sense of the art of irony. You can see more of his remarkable work here: Sam Smith or at
(page 3) Showing with my lovely friend Sam Smith, the master of the visual pun.



She may look funny on the outside, but she’s a real sweetie! Now you can Embrace Your Odd…literally!

Details: about 15 inches. custom oddgirl fabric skirt. $40 includes shipping.

Happy to take orders if you want one of your very own *,*